Sunday, June 04, 2006

Undergrad: What should I major in?

First off, to get into law school you don't need any prerequisites. You can major in whatever you want and take what ever classes you want.
Other professional schools, like medical school or dental school, require that you take certain classes in undergrad.
Since you can major in anything, you now have a big decision to make. So, the question becomes what should I major in?

There are two courses of action here:
#1: You are 100% positive you want to go to law school and become a lawyer.
#2: You are considering law school, but if it is too hard to get into, you don't mind doing something else.

#1: If you are darn sure you want to go to law school then I say major in the easiest thing possible. There is no need to make undergrad harder than it has to be. Some people may say "you have to major in English or Political Science to do go to law school or do good on the LSAT." BOLOGNA. Anyone, with enough determination can get into law school or do good on the LSAT.

Major in whatever you want, whatever you enjoy. Basically, do whatever you will do good in, that is, whatever will get you high grades. Half of what schools look at when they decide on accepting students is your UGPA.
If you major in something hard, you probably won't fair too well. But if you major in something easy, you will probably have a high GPA. So, if you are sure you want to go to law school major in physical education, bussiness management, exercise science, basketball science, communications, community studies, sociology, OR WHATEVER, as long as it is easy and will get you high grades. I have found out the hard way that schools will not take into consideration WHAT you majored as much as HOW YOU DID. I majored in Biology.

#2: You would like to go to law school, but you are not sure yet. If you are at this stage, then I must say that you should major in something that will get you a job when you graduate. If you decide not to go to Law school, then at least you will have something to fall back on. Find out what you like, and what the job market is looking for. See what pays well and research it. Ask people what they majored in and if they would suggest it.

When I started college I always thought I wanted to go to medical school that is why I majored in Biology. Well, as you can see, that didn't work out. Luckily I had enough brains to apply to law schools. If I had tried to get a job with a Biology degree I would have had a very very hard time.

In conclusion, if you are sure you want to go law school, major in something extremely easy that will get you high grades. If you are not sure, but are considering it, then major in something that will get you a good job.


At 1:09 AM, Blogger J21 said...

This really helped! I was really unsure of what I needed to do to get into the field and this just answered most of my questions!


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